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The basswood stringer is my personal favorite when it comes to performance surfboards.  I think is has the perfect amount of give and spring.  Its a soft wood that absorbs the chop (vibration) on the water.  I like to refer it as a soft flex and bounce back off your turns and that's what I like.  I lot of shapers swear by Bamboo in the EPS foam but for me, I think it makes the board too stiff for a performance surfboard.  But i think it's great in longboards.

  • Great for all boards.


With a triple laminate construction, your centerline stringer can be narrower while retaining excellent flex properties without compromising strength. This makes for a lighter, “poppier” board without the stress of buckling that you would normally get from a single ply 1/8″ stringer. The result is a durable board that feels much more alive and to make your custom board even more unique, Appelcore stringers are available in a variety of color combinations

  • Great for all boards but with more stiffness than basswood.


Its high density PU material similar to divinycel that dampens the vibration more than you'd get with a standard wood stringer.  Lots of torsional flex but at the same time absorbs the vibration of the chop.  I have had lots of bad experiences with stringer-less boards but this L-Foam is a great option for people who what the feel of a stringer-less surfboard.  (don't ask for a stringer-less surfboard, I won't build one)

  • Great for high performance surfing.



Bamboo stringers are an unbelievable material for a number of reasons. First they are bamboo which is fast growing and a very sustainable material, making them ideal for anybody who is looking to “go green”. They are also extremely strong, combining multiple layers of lamination to ensure that any weaknesses there may be in the bamboo is reinforced.  Like I said up above, bamboo is a very stiff twangy material that has a lot of spring back. Some people like that but me personally I like less spring back.

  • Great for Longboards / Hybrid fun boards.