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Standard Stringers:

  • 3 ply APPELCORE Stringers for all boards 7' and shorter
  • 5 ply APPELCORE Stringers for all boards 7' and longer
  • 1/4" Bass for all longboards.



Polyurethane, PU, Poly foam is the norm for the surfboard industry. Its what the majority of surfboards are still made out of. PU has more of a dampening feel. the foam does not float as much as EPS. It's what 95% of pro surfers use. I still use poly on most of my shortboards and love using poly when I go on trips where I know there is going to be good waves!

The Virgin surfboard blank is Marko‚Äôs staple product that has been in production since day one. This blank is made out of brand new EPS material with the ability to be completely recycled. Their Virgin EPS blank is available in a wide variety of densities (1.7pcf, 1.9pcf, 2.1pcf) allowing for the blanks to range from incredibly lightweight to much heavier depending on your preference. It is also much stronger than the standard polyurethane blank, while maintaining the facility to flex and stay lively in the water even after years of use. This material is closed cell making it water resistant, this enables easier board repairs while also keeping the blanks integrity intact.