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   Hello My name is Travis Ross I've been Surfing for over 30 years. I'm originally from Hollister, CA but learned to Surf in Capitola at the age of 4 where my parents had a second home. I Lived in Capitola, San Luis Obispo, Oahu Hawaii, New York City, and I moved back to California in 2013 and now reside in Santa Cruz, CA.

   My First job in the Surfboard Industry was in 2010 on Oahu, Hawaii for the company Surftech.  Working for Surftech I had access to all the designs from the best surfboard shapers in the world.  Not only did I get to meat them in person (i.e. Gerry Lopez, Simon Anderson, Donald Takayama, John Carper, William "Stretch" Riedel, Phil Byrne, Rusty Presisendorfer, Robert August, Randy Rarick, Joe Bark, Bob Pearson, and Randy French to name a few) I got to ride all of there boards and study their shapes.  Constantly measuring and comparing different boards I discovered the most important part for a surfboard. The Rocker! (My Opinion)

   My boss while working at surftech, was Steve Cranston.  Steve Cranston was the glasser for everyone on the north shore during the 70s, and 80s. Steve taught me almost everything I know about the ins and outs of how to laminate a surfboard.  With my new knowledge of what makes a surfboard I started doing ding repair as a side job.  Doing ding repair almost became my main source of income.  It started off by just doing repair for myself, then my friends, then my friends, friends.

   Having all of this access to different shapes has groomed me into the surfboard designer I am today.  I've always been a DIY sort of person, instead of buying something I'll see if I can make it myself.  One of the main reasons I started shaping my own boards was I was sick of ordering a board and it not being to the specs of my liking.  Another was the cost and durability factor because there is not a lot of guys who shape with EPS at a affordable price.  After I built my first board it worked and it surfed Good. I knew after that first session of riding a board I designed myself I knew this is something I wanted to do for the long hall.